Salesforce Call Tracking with CallRail

See Your Call Tracking Leads & Activites in Salesforce

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See Your Call Tracking Leads & Activities in Salesforce

CallRail’s Salesforce call tracking integration enables you and your sales team to see phone call activity, lead attribution, and customer information all in the application. There is already a great deal of important data within your CRM, and using call tracking adds even more valuable data for your teams to use. Having all of this data combined in one place is critical to closing the loop between leads and sales, and will provide insights that can help both your sales and marketing teams improve.

With CallRail’s Salesforce integration you’ll be able to add call-related insights to your already useful dashboards and workflows. This will help you better understand which leads to focus on and allow you to see the full picture of their journey thus far with your business.

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Calculate the True Impact of Your Campaigns

Start increasing your visibility into which campaigns are driving calls and generating the most revenue. Our integration will eliminate the gaps in your Salesforce lead source data by tracking calls back to their specific marketing campaign. This campaign level understanding will give your marketing team the data they need to optimize campaigns and cut costs where necessary based on performance.


Automated Call Scoring to Improve Lead Management

Using CallRail’s voice intelligence technology, CallScore can automatically assign a “good lead” status to your qualified phone call leads.

Send a phone call’s lead status into Salesforce for customized lead quality reporting on your marketing campaigns. Setup Salesforce workflows based  on our automated phone call scoring to follow-up on known good leads sooner.

Using our call tracking Integration with Salesforce enables you to:

  • View all your leads in one central location
  • Fine tune how call information populates into Salesforce
  • Align call data with your pre-existing Salesforce workflows
  • Arm your sales team with the data they need to convert leads faster
  • Listen to call recordings in Salesforce to understand the lead journey
  • Analyze phone calls within your Salesforce lead reports
  • Report on who your campaigns are impacting, whether current or potential customers

Our Salesforce call tracking integration is part of the Premium Integrations package available to only those on CallRail’s Pro and Elite pricing plans. For more information, contact our Sales Team at