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Track Calls and Texts as Conversions in Unbounce

Unbounce’s landing page creation tool is incredibly easy to use, remarkably powerful, and one of the quickest ways to get a page published and used in a campaign.

But what happens when an advertisement drives a click to an Unbounce landing page and then a lead skips the form on the page and opts to pick up the phone to call or text? Without the CallRail integration, you might not know that the phone call was driven by your Unbounce landing page.

Connect Landing Page Variants to Calls

In addition to reporting calls and texts as conversions, the CallRail Unbounce integration reports these conversions to the particular Unbounce variant that produced the phone call or text. Now your A/B testing will properly attribute phone calls and texts as what they are: conversions.

Using CallRail’s Unbounce integration enables you to:

  • See your call and text activity as conversions in Unbounce.
  • Optimize your landing pages to drive more phone call and text message conversions.
  • Associate phone number conversions to the exact variant that drove them

For more information on the integration, see our support article.

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