Call Tracking Plans

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Track and analyze all your calls to know which ads, pages, and keywords are driving qualified leads.

$30 per month


Discover which marketing strategies are driving calls

  • Call recording and playback
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Call forwarding

Included Usage

  • 5 Local Numbers
  • 500 Local Minutes

$45 per month


Boost small business revenue

  • Dynamic number insertion website plugin
  • Build custom call flows
  • Track form & text data alongside calls
  • Integrate with: Google Analytics & Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook
  • API and webhook access

Included Usage

  • 10 Local Numbers
  • 500 Local Minutes
  • 100 Text Messages

$120 per month


Powerful customization for modern digital agencies

  • Custom reporting engine
  • HubSpot integration
  • Unbounce integration
  • Mobile click-to-call integration

Included Usage

  • 25 Local Numbers
  • 2,000 Local Minutes
  • 500 Text Messages

New Product

Form tracking plans

See beyond the data your leads input in your forms. Get deeper insights into the marketing activities that brought them to your website and prompted them to become a lead.

$0 per month


Build and share online forms for simple lead capture

  • Attribution data for all form leads
  • Custom form builder
  • Wordpress plugin
  • Automatic email, phone, and text notifications

Included Usage

  • 10 Custom Forms
  • 100 Form Submissions

$65 per month


Discover which marketing strategies are driving calls

  • Multi-touch cost per lead reporting
  • Integrate with: Google Analytics & Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook
  • Session-level lead tracking
  • Customized branding and CSS for forms
  • Custom reporting engine
  • Automated lead qualification

Included Usage

  • Unlimited Custom Forms
  • 1,000 Form Submissions

Custom Pricing Plans

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Included Usage
Local Numbers51025
Local Minutes5005002,000
Text Messages100500
Additional Usage
Toll-free Numbers$6 ea.$5 ea.$4.50 ea.
Toll-free Minutes$0.08 ea.$0.08 ea.$0.055 ea.
Local Numbers$4 ea.$3 ea.$2.50 ea.
Local Minutes$0.05 ea.$0.05 ea.$0.04 ea.
Text Messages$0.016 ea.$0.01 ea.
Offline call tracking
Online call tracking
Dynamic number insertion (DNI)
Keyword-level attribution
Localized DNI
Out-of-the-box reporting
Email summary reports
Custom reporting engine
Analyze your calls with
Call recording
Keypad scoring
Text message scoring
CallScribe with keyword spotting and Call Highlights$0.025 per minute$0.025 per minute$0.02 per minute
Efficiently route your calls
Call forwarding
Email notifications
Standard call flow builder
Mobile app
Custom agent setup
Advanced call flow steps$15 per company$15 per company
Browser-based softphone$10 per company$10 per company$10 per company
Integrate with top-notch marketing and reporting tools
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Wordpress plugin
AMP plugin
Google Data Studio
Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call
Pipeline Deals
API & webhooks
Salesforce Contact sales
Marketo Contact sales
Optimizely X Contact sales
Marin Contact sales
Kenshoo Contact sales
Customer Support
Help Center
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